Returning EPFC Member

That's fantastic your back! Makes us here at the Committee feel we are doing something right.

Have you read the details about some discounts we are offering in 2022 for the Winter competition? If not, check out all the information on the Registration Fees page.

If you or your child were registered with Eschol Park FC in 2021, you will receive a registration invitation in late December / early January with a link to register. Using the link in that email is the easiest way because it will take you directly to your registration page with your 2021 season details already populated. If you did not receive that email, simply contact the Registrar to sort it out.

We have the same registration process as last year. You first register with the club and pay your fees, then you register with the FFA (from 4 January 2022) to let them know you are a member of our club. We have been lobbying the FFA to make the process seamless, but they are busy updating their own system so have not been able to help. We hope that you find the first step (registering with Eschol Park FC) a simple and straight forward affair. The beauty is that we store your details and links between the Primary Contact and the Players so future registrations will simply be a case of checking that nothing has changed and then completing your registration. In addition to that, our focus is on you, not your FFA number, so we use your email address instead, which we feel will be a lot easier for you to remember.

On the subject of paying your fees, you will be happy to know that we are offering an easy Payment Plan option for Winter registrations to allow you to stagger your payments across the season using a Direct Debit arrangement. We believe this will help a lot of families out because the earlier you register, the longer you have to pay off the fees meaning you can do it in smaller instalments. All payment plans for the Winter competition have to be finalised and paid up by 30 June each year.

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