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Last updated 17 May 2024
U 6/7-AOpen
U 6/7-BOpen
U 6/7-COpen
U 6/7-DOpen
U 6/7-EOpen
U 6/7-FOpen
U 6/7-GOpen
U 6/7-HOpen
U 8/9-AOpen
U 8/9-BOpen

Grading and Allocation

U8, U9, U10 & U11 Macarthur SAP

We are delighted to be be given a provisional license for the U8 & U9 & U10 & U11 Macarthur SAP league.

The appointed M-SAP Coaches for the 2024 season are on a well deserved break from coaching over the festive break. Most MSAP coaches start training with their team after Australia Day as our grading for the MSAP teams occured in November/ early December of 2023. 

Our club is now looking for young boys and girls (Born 2015) who have the skills to join our M-SAP team as we had some players drop out after they were selected. SAP stands for Skills Acquisition Program and we have a great coaches who will bring their passion to the young talents. 

MSAPU 9try outs

More information on the M-SAP, its structure, grading process and the cost, please feel free to reach out to our coaching coordinator Steve D at

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