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Last updated 15 Jun 2024
U 6/7-AClosed
U 6/7-BClosed
U 6/7-CClosed
U 6/7-DClosed
U 6/7-EClosed
U 6/7-FClosed
U 6/7-GClosed
U 6/7-HClosed
U 8/9-AClosed
U 8/9-BClosed

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2024 Season Training Grids

2024 Training Grids - updated 3 March 2024

Based on information provided, we have created the following Training Grid Plan for the 2024 season. We do understand not every team was able to get their preferred training time or their preferred training day. With over 100 teams this year, we have opened up Mondays and Fridays as Training Day. If you like to move your training to Monday nights, please email Ralf on

Coaches, please work with each other to make the below work for the season, in particular during the time of make up games or double header weeks which may mean games are scheduled on training nights, which will be given priority over training.

To all members, please try and stay out of the Goal area on field 1, 2 and 3 during training so we can preserve the 18 yard box as best as possible for the season. Lights will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Eschol Park Football Club

Please click on the hyperlink below for a pdf version of the training grids

Training_Monday Grid 2024_v2

Training_Tuesday Grid 2024_v2

Training_Wednesday Grid 2024_v1

Training_Thursday Grid 2024_v1

Training_Friday Grid 2024_v1

Monday training v 2

Tuesday training v 2

Wednesday training

Thursday training

Friday training

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