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Last updated 15 Jun 2024
U 6/7-AClosed
U 6/7-BClosed
U 6/7-CClosed
U 6/7-DClosed
U 6/7-EClosed
U 6/7-FClosed
U 6/7-GClosed
U 6/7-HClosed
U 8/9-AClosed
U 8/9-BClosed

Life Members

Life membership of our club is not granted lightly, all Life members have provided outstanding service to the club and to football in the Macarthur region for a minimum of 10 consecutive years.

Our Life Members

Granted Name Photo Name Photo
1992 Kevin Savage
1996 Kerryn Savage Judy Reed
1998 Chris Randall Sharon Randall
2000 Mark Gilyatt Narelle Steck
2001 Paul Burgess Paul  Burgess 2018 Rick Carroll
2002 Daryl Gilyatt Stephen Stokes
2003 Wally Van Gool
2004 Chris Webb Chris  Webb
2005 Cliff O'Neill Chris Webb
2006 Garry Ford Garry  Ford Greg Burden Greg  Burden 2018
2008 Paul Brannan † Paul  Brannan
2012 Conrad Millar
2014 Aimee Besgrove Allison McIntyre
2015 Mark Besgrove Martin Brown
2018 Greg Brown
2020 John Vece

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